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Bear General Services  - 
Your property
Our priority

Across New England, Bear General Services has earned the trust of people like you for many years.

For your home:

  • Interior and exterior cleaning and painting

  • Kitchen and bath remodeling

  • Flooring installation and stair repair

For you, the Property Manager, we offer all of those services and more. 

  • Need a unit turn done?

  • Need an office/kitchen/bathroom remodeled?

  • How about a floor stripped and rewaxed?

  • Maybe just a 3rd bid that you have to find super quickly?

Bear General Services is the family-owned service company that has you covered. Reach out and find out how much easier life can be for you and your home and property. 

What kind of property type are you?

Your needs are specific.  Choose your property type to discover what services you can choose from at Bear General Services

hallway with lockers

Educational Facilities

From waxing floors, to laying new ones; from handling renovations, to crafting new features, Bear General Services is your one-stop solution.

If you're in charge of:

  • Schools: daycares, high school, college campuses & buildings or even a nursery

  • Laboratories, and experimental facilities

  • Churches, synagogues, temples, shrines

Bear is your services partner

Multi-Unit Properties

Are you a property manager?  Do you tire of finding someone to fill that third bid? 


Here at Bear, we're confident in our services and our people.  We're also happy to come out and quote to be that third bid.  No pressure! 

From common area cleanings to unit turns; from building refreshes to industrial cleaning, count on Bear General Services to quote and deliver like you've always wanted. 



Your home looks after you. 

It keeps you warm, cool, dry, safe. 

Now it's your turn to share the love.

Go get your home new siding, or a new floor.  Redo a kitchen or a bathroom.  Simply get your home's exterior cleaned. Siding? Windows? Exterior doors? 

Click below to see what you can do with

Bear General Services

Reach out to Bear General Services for a quote on your project!

Commercial & Industrial

You have a lot of unique challenges managing a commercial and/or industrial property.  Tenant changeover often requires a complete resetting of the space.  

Whether you just need a third bid to get on with business or you're looking for a comprehensive source for all your retrofit needs, reach out to Bear General Services

Asset 5_0.5x.png
A view of a terraced office building in Boston with the Old North Church visible in the background on the left

Government & Financial

Government and Financial properties often share a lot of the same needs: floor stripping and waxing, common area cleaning,  etc.  

They also share a lot of similar challenges: restricted areas, approved vendors, high levels of service and detail required.

Reach out to Bear General Services and see if there's a fit for your property's needs.


Welcome to Bear General Services, where we're honored to be your trusted partner in maintaining the impeccable standards of healthcare facilities.

We're your partner specializing in comprehensive cleaning, painting, and flooring solutions; from hospitals to clinics, ensuring pristine environments for patients and staff.


Find out why other organizations trust our commitment to impeccable standards and professionalism.

Contact us today for tailored solutions to elevate your facility.

Guest seating area in a hospital with a couch, chair, tv and a nice coffee table and area rug
Bear General Services has been my go-to source for my company's properties around New England for years. 
Gil and family always come through no matter what!

Francesco Falorni
Facilities Manager @ ARC

Reach out to Bear General Services for a quote on your project!

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